The ProStar is the ultimate water ski machine for the driver, the crew, and the skier.Built on a legacy of world-class performance, the 2023 ProStar boasts features that deliver a perfected driving experience, the most comfortable seats, and the industry’s best fit-and-finish. Top that off with the flattest wakes at any line length and at any speed, and you’ve got this summer, mastered. 


Boat length: 20′ 0″ / 6.1 M

Beam: 96″ / 2.44 M

Interior width **: 85.25″ / 2.16 M

Weight: 3,300 Lbs / 1,497 Kg

Fuel capacity: 30 Gal / 113 L

Capacity: 1,341 Lbs / 608 Kg

Draft: 22″ / 0.56 M

Boat height ***: 93″ / 2.36 M,Without Tower = 66″ / 1.67 M

Hull: Direct Drive

Seating: 7 People

Color options: Infinite

Storage: 37.25 FT3 / .899 M


* Excludes all options, taxes, title, registration, transportation charge and dealer prep fee. ** Interior Width is measured from fiberglass inner gunnel to fiberglass inner gunnel. *** Boat Height specs reflect the height of a Z6 tower to the lowest point of the boat’s running gear.






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